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Content Creation and Design

Is your website content actually getting people to your site?

Content Marketing

The content on your website is essential for attracting the desired visitors, and in many cases, only a small fraction of your site’s content can drive up 80% of the visitors.


When performing a content analysis, Fusion Digital looks at several factors, including:

  • Keyword volume

  • Existing on-site content

  • Any off-site content that can be cross-purposed for on-site use

  • Campaign goals

  • Local knowledge 

At Fusion Digital, we believe in developing high-quality, long-lasting content that educates the client about the value of Culligan water in your neighborhood. Fusion Digital focuses on creating long-form content that can be used once and distributed many times. This method drives more traffic to your website, fills social media, and populates your email campaigns, so every piece of content reaches its maximum potential.

Content Planning

Whether your brand is influenced by upcoming sales events, national holidays or seasonal influences,  there are many factors that Fusion Digital can consider when developing content.

At Fusion Digital, we stay away from writing content that can be dated as time moves forward. Rather we endeavor to develop long-form content that addresses the needs of Culligan consumers  and drives leads. Our process includes finding the gaps between the content on your site and the terms people search for, identify conversion-driving keywords, and ensure your content is being seen. 

Our planning guides your brand’s content calendar, which structures where the content should be published (website, social media, email), the form it should take (article, listicle, video, graphics, ebooks), and how often it should be shared.

Content Creation

Fusion Digital can assist you to create engaging content for your audience by guiding you to build messaging in your unique voice. Fusion Digital dives into understanding your brand and looks in as an outsider.

By correct usage of keyword research, PR, and AI tools, Fusion Digital can create outstanding content that provides an ongoing increase in site traffic.

When it comes to content ideation, Fusion Digital can think outside the box to make sure that content is supported with visuals that increase engagement, interaction, and leads.

Graphic Design

The Fusion Digital team understands that having a consistent look and feel, can help with brand recognition by potential customers. Design can influence how people engage with and react to your brand, be it first impressions or additional touchpoints. Our in-house design team can support design for print, billboards, and social media content. 


We can also work on logo design and support your local community efforts with custom design and print. 

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