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Old Televisions and Radios

Traditional Marketing

Marry traditional marketing with digital marketing obtain results


With the ever increasing shift to online activity and dependency on portable devices, such as phones, tablets and laptops, it is no surprise that digital marketing has the limelight at the moment. Organic search, paid ads, social media, and email marketing automation are just some of the methods that are reigning supreme in the marketing space. That said, traditional marketing has its place and can be a successful medium for creating brand awareness.  Understanding the value that TV, print and radio placements have for the Culligan brand is crucial to engage with the right audience that dealerships are trying to reach.  


The more you learn about the Culligan Water community, the more you understand that local recognition and community involvement is key. Understandably using the traditional marketing platforms such as TV, print, and radio are one of the best ways to connect with the local community. At Fusion Digital, we handle traditional marketing a little differently. We don’t believe in the idea of “set it and forget it.” Instead we focus on making every marketing effort–offline and online–trackable. By leveraging unique landing pages, call tracking numbers, distinct offers or promotions and software that collects user behavior and signals, we fuse traditional marketing with as much data as we can to ensure the campaign is driving results. 


One of the best examples is targeting new homeowners who may not even realize that they have a Culligan water system in their home. Dealers have the residential addresses of these owners, but no way of knowing who is now living in those properties. Using direct mail marketing to send fliers or postcards, with trackable QR codes or dedicated promotional codes, allows us to marry traditional marketing with digital marketing to complete the circle and obtain results. 


When our tests show that traditional marketing is driving qualified leads and sales in a market, we continue to run that marketing, while always testing print, radio and TV ads so they drive improved results. Through unique URLs, QR codes, and call tracking, we are able to bring data from our traditional campaigns into your unique and custom marketing dashboard.

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