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PPC and Online Advertising 

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Fusion Digital are experts in creating strategic Google Ads ad campaigns that reflect the unique way that you run your Culligan business.  To target the correct audience for the ads, Fusion Digital will consider the following:

  • Ad copy that is unique to you 

  • Easy and direct phone access 

  • Strategies to reduce cost per ad and maximize clicks 

  • Lookalike audience data from email and social media campaigns

  • Lookalike audience data from existing customers


While Fusion Digital considers multiple platforms for the Pay Per Click campaign, often starting with Google Ads and then including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram once we have collected data and optimized the campaign according to what has been learned from Google Ads. 

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Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms allow you to customize your ad campaigns for a specific target audience through a number of strategies, including Geographic Data, Demographic Data, and Lookalike Audiences based on your email list.


Paid social media campaigns have three main goals:


Generate leads: Fusion Digital works with you to find your preferred audience and create ads and landing pages, to meet these goals.


Increase following: Through a combination of audience targeting and content promotion, Fusion Digital aims to expand your social audience so that there your organic content is engaging with a larger population. 

Build the email list: Instagram and Facebook ads can direct your target audience to subscribe to your email list, enabling a multi-part email series that will provide education about the brand.


Strategic retargeting of users who have visited and interacted with your website or other platforms allows you to remain relevant to an audience with peaked interest. 

To create the most effective campaign, Fusion Digital will include the following:

  • Create audience segments based on how users interact with your site

  • Develop a campaign approach to match the customer experience for your product or service

  • Customize the ad copy to reflect what users showed interest in

The two leading platforms that Fusion Digital uses for retargeting are Google Ads and Facebook, both having their advantages for general retargeting or specific to social media platforms that the potential customers are using.

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