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Email Marketing and Automation

Automation for Culligan Franchises

A well constructed email marketing campaign is a powerful online marketing tool, allowing for engagement with an already interested audience. Email marketing campaigns can drive a massive return on investment for your Culligan business.  A healthy email list means you don’t have to worry about the constantly changing rules, trends, and algorithm shifts of social media or search engine algorithms. 


In addition, your email marketing campaign is a highly effective tool for content distribution. The content that you have invested time and effort in will be seen by as many members of the right audience, as you will be using your own database of interested clients. Fusion Digital’s email marketing services include email calendar creation, content creation, responsive email design, list hygiene, audience segmentation, A/B testing, and reporting.

Contact List Hygiene

While having an extensive email list is a valuable business asset, if this list has information that is out of date, unused, or incorrect, it can quickly lead to problems. Fusion Digital will make sure your Culligan customer list is healthy and valid for email marketing campaigns. 


An unhealthy contact list can lead to permanent deliverability issues such being flagged as SPAM or a ban from your email service provider.


We find that at least 15% of the email addresses are invalid and often can be higher the older your contact list is.


Fusion Digital’s approach to removing invalid or expired email addresses may reduce the cost of an email service provider, improve results, and provide a more accurate metric of engagement.

A/B Testing

The more subscribers you have, the greater the opportunity to test subject lines, the layout of your emails, and even the type of content that is being sent to subscribers.


Fusion Digital recommends performing split tests on a regular basis to get additional insights on the high value campaigns. Fusion Digital then reviews the outcome of the A/B test and updates the automated campaigns to improve them every month.


Fusion Digital’s testing also allows us to help build messaging that resonates with your audience, allowing for different campaigns for different groups in an effort to generate maximum engagement

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