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“Top of the funnel” marketing to increase brand awareness


Growing up, our TV programs were constantly interrupted by advertisement breaks. Today, the TV experience is very different with the Smart TVs, On Demand television and streaming networks. Adding to the modern TV watching experience is CTV (connected TV), which is a television set with the ability to stream video content over the internet. Typically the content is streamed via apps that are downloaded to the TV. 


Making use of this technology and developing a marketing strategy around it has proven to be quite effective in recent years. Since CTV refers to internet-connected TVs, we run CTV campaigns that can be household specific, using virtual profiles and demographics to retarget while a family is viewing their favorite TV shows. Over The Top, or OTT, refers to video content streamed via the internet instead of accessed with traditional cable or satellite TV, such as Hulu, HBO and other providers. The strategy with OTT is slightly different than CTV, as it is based on a broader campaign rather than household specific according to recent search results in the home. 


Marketing campaigns over CTV and OTT are intended for “top of the funnel” marketing, aiming to increase brand awareness. The better the campaign, the higher the number of impressions per campaign, resulting in more leads and eventually a greater number of  conversions. 

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