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SEO & Strategy

Make sure your website is the one your customers are finding

Organic Search

Organic Search is the backbone of online strategy for Culligan Dealers as your customers are hyper-local and looking for answers.  SEO drives the way we build your website, write your content, and the research we do to make sure your website shows up on the first page of Google. 


There are many difference actions we take to ensure your website is optimized and these are just some:

Technical SEO and Audits

Site audits can influence how people looking for Culligan water find your website in search results. The audit will take a analyze your website for the following metrics:

  • Off-site SEO factors such as your domain working correctly (domain authority), that your domain isn’t associated with spam (spam analysis), rich Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features, and how active and visible your site is on social media (social media signals).

  • On-site SEO factors such as correct descriptions of your site contents and coding structure (metadata and HTML), ensuring all your links are working correctly and are active (URL structure and server status), redirecting your web pages within your own site to keep the user on the site (internal linking), and building your site thoughtfully to ensure that your desired pages are ranking better than other (structural analysis).

  • Technical SEO factors include making sure your website is running at a high speed, that your site is mobile friendly and loading quickly, well-structured sitemaps, getting rid of broken links (404 handling), and making sure that the data in the code of your site (structured data) is being picked up by the search engines.

  • Geographic factors that have an impact on a global and local strategy.

  • Competitive analysis to identify ways your website can stand out from your competitors. 

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization involves adjusting your website so that visitors who view your site from mobile devices have a good user experience. In addition, optimized content moves smoothly between desktop and mobile devices to provide the user with seamless transitions between the two devices. Ensuring your website is mobile-optimized is not essential, as Google determines the readiness of a website via mobile-first indexing.


Fusion Digital will make sure your Culligan website is optimized for mobile devices and tablets.

Competitive Analysis

A competitor analysis allows you to understand what Culligan Water competitors in your local area are doing to promote their business, both online and offline.


Analyzing how your competitors perform in search engine results pages (SERPs) will give you insight into their marketing strategies and guidance of what SEO and digital marketing strategy might work for your website.


Fusion Digital can also monitor competitor performance for keywords using specialized software.

Site Schematics

Using keyword research, Fusion Digital can design a site schematic which is a roadmap for your website and designates a unique keyword to each page.  The site schematic will include the following:

  • URLs

  • Title tags

  • Header tags

  • Meta descriptions

  • Content recommendations to include main keyword targets into the relevant pages’ content

  • Structured data

  • Canonical tags


Site Speed

Fusion Digital can perform a comprehensive site speed test of your website to achieve a fast-loading site that works well for both users and search engines. The ideal speed for a website to load is 3-seconds or less however the average Culligan franchise website takes 3 times longer to load. This means users with poor cell service or slower internet connections may have a hard time using your website. 


The Fusion Digital development team can build the best approach to improve your site speed, by optimizing images, configure caching and reduce server-side loading time. All this can be done while maintaining any interactivity and designs that are essential to your brand.

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