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Website Development

A website that is truly yours. 

Website Design and Development

Your website is your modern business card. Bringing traffic to your website will aid in building your email list and make it easy for potential customers to find your services. 


Your new website by Fusion Digital will consider keyword research in order to capture the interest of people seeking for those specific relevant terms. Given the specific nature of the business, the website will include location-specific details for each service that is being offered.


Our website development projects consider technology, content, and online goals right from the start. Rather than editing the site at a later stage, Fusion Digital will advise building with search in mind and delivering a website that is user friendly, fast, and informative. Fusion Digital also believes your website will evolve as your business develops and traffic increases. As a result, Fusion Digital happily provides website training for their customers who are interested in managing their websites once the build is complete.

Structured Data

Fusion Digital focuses on following best practices when creating and supporting multilingual sites, including using hreflang tags to ensure potential visitors and search engines can identify the relevant content. Furthermore, the website will be built to include structured data (schema or JSON-LD) to aid in ranking for related search engine keywords.

Usable Technology

The new website will be developed on a user-friendly content management platform, making it easy to edit and maintain by the client once the site is live. The website will follow best practices for Search Engine Optimization, such as unique meta descriptions, structured data, and appropriate URL structure.


Fusion Digital also ensures that the site will be mobile-friendly and will load efficiently on regular desktop/laptop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Website plugins can give your site added features to enhance the user experience. That said, when  plugins, you need to make sure they are not out of date or expired as it can be an easy way for malware or hackers to penetrate your website. Fusion Digital ensures your website is free of malware and all plugins are secure which minimizes unexpected downtime. 

Website Hosting

Fusion Digital provides website hosting on a dedicated Virtual Private Server, which offers a hosting environment that is optimized for speed, security, and accessibility. This hosting service includes:

● Daily backup and restoration

● SSL Certificate for increased security

● Single point of contact 

● Secure and reliable hosting with 99.95% uptime

● Staging version of the website for making design changes and edits

● Optional Content Delivery Network for faster load speeds


For added value, we do not charge for transitioning an existing website into our hosting server.

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